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"I wholeheartedly recommend Adrian Graphics. As one with a business and academic background in advertising and brand management, I know the importance of developing a proper corporate image. When I needed a logo for a new venture, I simply explained to Adrian the vision and message I wanted to communicate and he was able to create exactly what was needed. It is rare to find someone capable of translating ideas into images, something Adrian does with excellence and precision."

Ken Barnes (founder)

Deep Roots Political

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“Recently my family and I opened up a pizzeria in Citrus Heights, called Linda’s Chicago Style Pizzeria. Since my grandmother has been slinging pies before she could drive, we had the restaurant part down. However, the overwhelming task of creating a logo, and making a statement with the way our name was seen by the public, was extremely foreign to us.

As a referral from a customer (at Zelda’s) who said they had affordable prices, we took a chance with Adrian Graphics. I will have to say if you want young, driven, talented artists who like to do the job right, you are at the right place. Adrian (the owner) is very hands on will take your “little” idea and make it “big”! I was very impressed. The bottom line with the people who are unhappy with Adrian Graphics, is if there is something you don’t like all you have to do is say something and they will do their best to be sure the changes will be made. Also, I don’t think anyone should be exempt from paying upfront, and in full (unless there is a good business relationship already built) this is an expensive industry and I can only imagine the type of money they would lose if they didn’t charge a deposit.

P.S They just installed our big sign out front… we LOVE it!"

Linda’s Pizzeria

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"After my company was flaked on by 3 separate specialty sign makers, Adrian Graphics came through for us. With only days left before we had to leave for our trade show, Adrian Graphics designed, printed, and installed new signage and a skin for our trade show booth display. They came to our facility, were easy to work with, did everything they promised to do and I highly recommend trusting them with your project, even in the 11th hour. Thanks Adrian!"

Greg Sandler

KOR-IT Inc -

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