10 Negative Keywords That Should Be In Every Google Ad

Top 10 Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Face it, wether you are a newbie at Google Ads or a seasoned Veteran getting the right negative keywords in your campaign can be a tedious process. Here is the top 10 negative keywords we use in almost every campaign we build. I started working with Google Ads way back in 2011 when Google Partners […]

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3 Steps To Become More Successful – Your Business Minute

Millions of Americans are feeling trapped in their day-to-day jobs, dreaming of a better way and a better future. Although some of these employees may achieve great levels of success in their careers, there is still no comparison to owning your own business. The personal and financial freedom that comes from it is almost impossible […]

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5 Valuable Web Tools to Increase your Productivity in 2017

Web Tools

The saying goes “A workman is only as good as his tools”, if this saying is true does that same philosophy still apply today?  Why are so many people refusing to accept technology to make them more productive, organized, and efficient?  My explanation for this common resistance to advancing technology is fear, it what tops […]

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7 Cures for being broke!

1. Start saving now! A portion of your income is yours to keep.  For every dollar you make, pay your self a minimum of 10 Cents. That is 10% and yours to keep.  The sooner you start the more your wealth will grow, if you can afford more than 10%, great, but remember small wins […]

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How to avoid losing your business to greedy investors!

Why did you start your small business? For passion, for money, or both?  Truth be told, most entrepreneurs have a dream to not just do what they love but want get paid handsomely to do it. Are you currently, or have you in the past been faced with making a decision that may compromise the […]

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Artist Profile – Graphic Designer Sacramento, CA

Adrian Boysel, Graphic Designer and Videographer Sacramento, CA Since the age of 4 years old, before I even realized I was an artist, my parents noticed my affinity toward drawing. I can still remember drawing my first picture for my Aunt Brittany while we sat at my Tinker Tots multi color picnic table and pretended […]

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