10 Negative Keywords That Should Be In Every Google Ad

Top 10 Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Face it, wether you are a newbie at Google Ads or a seasoned Veteran getting the right negative keywords in your campaign can be a tedious process. Here is the top 10 negative keywords we use in almost every campaign we build. I started working with Google Ads way back in 2011 when Google Partners […]

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3 Steps To Become More Successful – Your Business Minute

Millions of Americans are feeling trapped in their day-to-day jobs, dreaming of a better way and a better future. Although some of these employees may achieve great levels of success in their careers, there is still no comparison to owning your own business. The personal and financial freedom that comes from it is almost impossible […]

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The Importance Of Oaths

How important are oaths

This article is a lot different from what we normally write about, it’s not about oaths in business but more about how oaths are a part of everyday life and that they matter and should be honored. Isn’t the purpose of an oath to never break it? So why is it that so many professionals […]

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New service announcement – Simple Lead Generation Websites

You’re gonna want to hear this!!! Adrian Graphics is launching a brand new website design program for small businesses. Many of the business owners we meet simply can’t afford the expensive cost of building a WordPress website, but are educated in online marketing or web design enough to know they shouldn’t build it themselves. So […]

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How To Increase Traffic From Video Marketing in 2017

Welcome to “The Year of Video Marketing.” Video Marketing stands out on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; video marketing gives customers a quick impression and summary of a product without drowning them with text. Often in less than 30 seconds, a potential customer can get all the information he or she […]

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What is comment marketing?

comment marketing

Inbound marketing is fantastic, as it is generally free traffic. And we are ALL about free traffic in the internet marketing world. One form of inbound Marketing that isn’t generally done well by most marketers is comment marketing. Let’s figure out the right, and very wrong, way to do it. Let’s be clear on one […]

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Brand of the week

brand of week

We design, revise, and vector logos for business’s almost everyday. The Efficient Energy Solutions in Sacramento logo was a revision for a brand created by one of the company employees and revised by us at Adrian Graphics in Sacramento, CA. This logo has a strong and simple font that immediately tells you that efficiency is […]

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What is a Marketing Plan?

Every Business Needs A Pinpoint Marketing Plan To develop an effective and exceptional business strategy, it takes careful planning as well as a comprehensive understanding of the market. Also, if you want to achieve success, make sure to get started with a marketing plan. Marketing plays a vital function in every business. Business owners should […]

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