What Great Web Design Means For Your Business

What Great Web Design Means For Your Business

Marketing your business? You want to put your best foot forward.

A great website is the best way to successfully market your business, online and off.

In most cases, your website will be the first thing new customers see. It’s important that it makes an amazing first impression. That’s why great web design and graphics are crucial for every business, large and small.

What goes into a great website?

The perfect website doesn’t just look great — it also has to be functional, clear, and super easy to use.

When you visit a well-designed website, your eye is automatically drawn to its purpose. That could be a company logo, a headline, or a title. From there, your attention should be clearly directed. It should be obvious where you can find more information, how to contact the company, where you can browse through products, etc.

In fact, most visitors to a website will decide within a fraction of a second if they’re in the right place or not. In other words, as soon as a new user clicks on your website, the site should grab their attention, and hold it.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

If you’re looking for great website design, the best thing you can do is to bring in the professionals. It’s always worth the investment to hire a creative team that will create a unique, engaging, and clear site for your brand!

The best graphics and web design app

Looking for an on-demand graphics and web design app? Check out Instagraphics — a convenient app that offers same-day creative services.

If you need a creative team to help you out, quickly, Instagraphics can get the job done.

How Online Learning Can Help Your Career

How Online Learning Can Help Your Career

Graphic design is a great industry for creative people. It can provide amazing job opportunities, allows for remote and freelance work, and lets artists turn their passion into a real career.

Unfortunately, for all those reasons, graphic design is also a very impacted industry. More and more people get interested in the field every year.

So, how can you stay ahead of the curve and start a real career in graphic design?

Education is the key. Professional courses show employers that you have put real time and effort into becoming a graphic designer, and that you have the skills to take on any job.

But most of us don’t have the time to go back to school!

That’s where online learning comes in. Online graphic design courses give artists the opportunity to learn, improve, and expand their digital skills from home. Even if you’re a busy student, parent, or working professional, you can still get your education online.

Want to quit your day job?

Remote and freelance jobs are more popular now than ever. And it’s not hard to see why: breaking out of the nine-to-five routine gives you time to travel, create, and enjoy life.

But making a full-time salary as a freelancer isn’t always easy. It takes time and — most importantly — education.

If you’re serious about quitting your day job to work as a freelance artist, the first step is to gain the skills you need.

The best online graphic design course

Ready to kick-start your graphic design career.

Instagraphics Academy offers an amazing 8-week program to get you on the road to success as a graphic designer. The course is affordable and totally remote.

Whether you’re brand new to the field or an experienced designer looking to learn more, Instagraphics Academy can help.

Why You Should Hire A DJ For Your Next Event

Why You Should Hire A DJ For Your Next Event

Do you have a big event coming up?

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, reunion, or school dance, whatever — the best way to get people on their feet and having a good time is with a live DJ.

Don’t leave your party in the hands of an amateur. A live DJ will make sure there are no awkward pauses, no cheesy songs, and no buzzkills. Hiring a DJ is the best way to make your next event the one that everyone’s talking about.


Planning a wedding can be stressful enough on its own, without stressing about the music.

To make the most of your big day, hire a DJ to help you out. They’ll provide the ideal soundtrack for every part of the day, from cocktails to the reception, and keep your guests entertained the entire time.

On top of that, a professional DJ will come with high-quality sound equipment. That means the right microphones and speaker system to make those toasts go smoothly!

Don’t let technical difficulties and bad music ruin your special day — hire a real DJ to help with your wedding.

Where to find a great DJ near you

If you’re looking to hire a professional DJ in the Sacramento or San Francisco area, get in touch with Optimum Entertainment.

Their DJs are experienced professionals. They offer a full range of services, including lighting and photo booths, to keep the party going.

Trying to play music off your phone or iPod for the party is harder than it sounds. You’ll end up with long pauses, technical difficulties, and way too many song requests to handle. So why not just leave it up to the experts?

Where To Give Back To Your Community

Where To Give Back To Your Community

We all owe our freedom and security to our local public safety officials. Firefighters, law enforcement officers, and members of the military put their lives on the line for us — so shouldn’t we give something back?

Charity events are a great way to bring a community together and give back to an important cause. Plus, they’re tons of fun! Why not put your money toward an event that’s entertaining, important, and supports a great cause in your community?

Where to give back in Sacramento, CA

Want to support your local public safety officials and members of the military in Sacramento, CA? Check out Battle of the Badges, an incredible amateur boxing event that’s just as charitable as it is entertaining.

Battle of the Badges was created by Sacramento correctional officers back in 2003, and since then has been a prominent charity event in the community. It supports Northern California police, firefighters, and military. Over the years, boxing events have raised thousands for important causes.

Come watch police officers, correctional officers, and firefighters participate in this hardcore competition. Proceeds go to The Firefighters Burn Institute, Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project, and The Sac Fallen Officers Resource Fund, and more. Ethics, honor, and sportsmanship are at the heart of every event.

Battle of the Badges is an amazing opportunity to give back to your community, and have an awesome time watching boxing. Check the website for the next upcoming boxing event!

The Best Digital Marketing

The Best Digital Marketing

Most marketing today is done online. That means the best way to grow your customer base, expand your reach and get more attention to your business is with digital marketing.

Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry — a professional digital marketing agency can get the job done for you, and bring your business the attention it needs.

Social media marketing

Believe it or not, the way most people discover new companies these days is through social media. Marketing on social media is just like marketing through a magazine or newspaper — it catches people’s attention where they are most likely to see it.

But you can’t just get on your social media account and start posting. The best social media marketing takes dedication and expertise. A digital marketing team can help you out with that.

With the right outreach on social media, you’ll see tons of traffic on your website in no time.

Search engine marketing

Ever wondered how you can get your company’s website to the top of search engine results? The key is SEO marketing, or Search Engine Optimization.

With search engine marketing, you can be sure that your business is the top result whenever a new customer is looking for the services that you can deliver.

The best digital marketing

Looking for an expert digital marketing agency to expand your company’s online reach?

Crusader Agency’s dedicated team of professionals can help. They offer complete, affordable digital marketing services that will get your business the attention it needs in no time.

The Secret To Staying Healthy And Fit

The Secret To Staying Healthy And Fit

We all want to stay healthy. But it seems like there are a million different sources telling us a million different ways to do that.

Some people emphasize a healthy diet, some people tell you it’s all about staying fit, and some will say your mental and emotional health is what matters most.

So, what’s the real secret to staying healthy? The truth is, you need a healthy balance of all three.

Holistic health means taking care of your nutrition, fitness, mental health and wellness in a way that suits your lifestyle. It means well-rounded, sustainable health.

And it’s easier than you might think to achieve! You don’t need to start a special diet or stick to a crazy workout routine — it’s all about making small changes and listening to the advice of health experts.

Health shouldn’t have a price tag

Ever noticed that everyone who claims they have the secret to staying healthy usually follows it up with a product they’re trying to sell? From high-priced diet plans to luxury gym memberships, we’re constantly pressured to buy things we “need” for our health.

Believe it or not, living well and staying healthy doesn’t have to be expensive (and shouldn’t be). There are plenty of free resources out there to guide you on your holistic health adventure.

Tips on staying fit, healthy, and happy

Looking for great articles and resources that cover every aspect of health — without the price tag?

Health and Fitness Secret is a great online resource. You’ll find tips on mental health, relationships, new home exercise routines, amazing healthy recipes, and much more.

Whether you’re trying to burn belly fat or cook nutritious meals for your family, Health and Fitness Secret will have the tips you’re looking for.

How Public Speaking Makes A Difference

How Public Speaking Makes A Difference

A true story is so much more than words. It’s an experience, a message, and an inspiration.

True, personal stories are what empower us to make a difference in our lives and others’. They’re what lets us know that we are not alone, no matter what we’re going through. They educate and uplift us when we’re looking for new directions.

Sharing and hearing empowering stories really makes a difference!

Have a meaningful story to share? Why not get out there and tell the world?

Public speaking events can be an amazing platform to share what you have to say, and have a chance to hear others’ inspiring stories. Plus, you can improve your public speaking skills and gain some great connections.

We all have a story to share. If you’re ready to start making a difference, now is the time.

The Best Platform for Public Speaking

Ready to get inspired?

TAG Talks (Transparency, Acceptance, Growth) is an amazing public speaking event funded by a nonpartisan foundation. If you’re looking for an event to share your story and make a difference in Sacramento, CA, TAG talks is the place for you.

They also offer an all-inclusive public speaking course for anyone who wants to get started with public speaking!

Don’t hesitate — join the speaker community today, and sign up for the next public speaking event.

The Power Of Local Health Products

The Power of Local Products

There is a lot of advice out there on how to stay healthy, especially for parents. It can be tricky to decide which products to buy and how to keep yourself and your family well.

That’s where local health products come in. Whether it’s herbs, teas, balms, or raw honey, shopping local is the best way to boost your wellness and holistic health. And on top of that, shopping for local products means supporting local business — not the big corporations!

Why local?

Why are local products so much better for your health and wellness?

Local produce and herbs are grown and pollinated right here in your environment, so they can help you beat local allergies. They can also strengthen your immune system and help to fight off flu and colds when you get sick.

Products like raw honey and elderberry syrup are proven to kick-start your immune system and boost your overall wellness. Plus, they’re organic — no nasty chemicals or additives to be found!

The best local wellness products

For local holistic health and wellness products, Crunchy Cottage has what you need.

Their elderberry syrup and other organic, local products are designed to keep you healthy and happy, without any harsh chemicals or GMOS. Sign up for their newsletter for updates on local products, holistic health, and all things crunchy.

How To Design A Smart Website

How To Design A Smart Website

Imagine this: you’ve just heard about a new company, and want to learn more — what’s the first thing you do?

Chances are, you’re going to look that company up online, and find their website.

These days, the most common way a company is discovered is through the internet. That’s why great web design and online marketing is so important! A clear, intuitive, and engaging site is an absolute must-have for every business.

The problem is, great website design can be easier said than done. Not everyone has the skills to plan and build a site that can be the public face of their business. Luckily, a little help from a creative marketing team can go a long way.

Elements of a smart website

What does “smart” web design mean, exactly?

A great professional website has to incorporate two key factors: it has to be visually appealing, and it has to be easy to use and understand. Visitors to your website should immediately be able to see your company’s brand, and they should be able to find all the information they need without any difficulty.

Think of it this way: have you ever been on a website that was impossible to use, took you to pages that made no sense, or was just plain confusing? When that happens, you quickly lose interest in the business.

Smart website design is the only way to make sure that customers can easily use and enjoy your website, stress-free.

Affordable web design services

Looking for a professional, creative team to help with your web design, development, and online marketing?

Elevated Tree offers awesome creative services. They’ll help you get your smart website up and running, and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward as a business online.

Get Motivated And Make A Change In Your Career

How To Get Motivated And Make A Change In Your Career

Too many people are bored and unfulfilled in their careers. All across the country, Americans feel trapped in their nine-to-five jobs, sick of the daily routine, and ready to make a change.

Does that sound like you?

If so, it’s time to get motivated and take charge of your career. It’s not always easy to make a change. But pursuing your passions and starting a career your really love is always worth it.

What is it you really want to do? If it’s only a hobby right now, why not turn it into a real, successful career?

The next step is to get motivated, and start making real changes. The inspiration to grow will make a difference! Listen to the advice of experts to figure out how you can change your career for the better.

Get motivated

Looking for the motivation to make that change, and start pursuing a career you’re really passionate about?

Head to Project Grow Radio for current insights on business, faith, and marketing. You’ll learn how to start and grow your business, the importance of branding, how you can break the nine-to-five routine, and much more.

With the right motivation and the advice of business experts, you can get inspired to make real change.