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Top Marketing Articles in 2021

Browse the best marketing articles on latest strategies, trends, various tools and ideas for marketers, designers, advertisers and businesses. Read through our articles, with exciting video content, on the best ways to stay up to date on marketing trends in 2021.

Guide to Goal Setting in 2022

Guide to Goal Setting in 2022: 3 Steps to Success

Explore the three-step guide to goal setting for successful, fulfilled, and happy business owners, entrepreneurs, and graphic designers.

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Sales Prospecting Training - The Quantum Prospecting Method

Sales Prospecting Training: The Quantum Prospecting Method

Do you struggle with keeping your pipeline full? With the new sales prospecting training program from Instagraphics, you can learn to maintain steady sales.

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4 Ps of Marketing - Marketing Mix 2022

4 Ps of Marketing: Marketing Mix 2022

Discover the time-tested, designer-approved 4 Ps of Marketing and ask yourself the necessary questions to build your own successful brand!

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Wacom Cintiq Pro vs iPad Pro - A Graphic Designers Comparison

Wacom Cintiq Pro vs iPad Pro: A Graphic Designer’s Comparison

If you compare the Wacom Cintiq Pro vs iPad Pro in terms of display, quality, price, and seven other key factors, which graphic design tablet comes out on top?

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Budget Laptops for Graphic Design

Budget Laptops for Graphic Design: 7 Options Under $1000

Looking for budget laptops for graphic design? Explore seven high-quality, low-price options with this helpful product review!

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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Graphic Designers

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Graphic Designers

The direct mail marketing strategy has been around for years, and this guide shows you how to harness its power to promote your graphic design business.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Managing Customer Feedback