Google My Business has been a great resource for local businesses to draw in customers that search for their business. This feature is the first step in grabbing a potential customer’s attention and giving them quick information about your business. Posts are a feature added to GMB that allows you to market for yourself. The information created in the posts on the business’ Knowledge Panel can tell searchers about deals and services offered. These posts in turn carry their own Organic SEO for the business. Any search related to information in the posts can increase the views on the business.

A recent update has allowed Google Posts that are older than seven days to appear in the Knowledge Panel. Before, a post would expire after seven days and many businesses thought the feature wasn’t worth the effort. But recent changes are now making SEO specialists rejoice and urge business owners to utilize this resource.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to manage their presence online across Google. This means that you can control what shows up when people search for your business. You have the ability to market your business using Google My Business optimization. Every time someone searches for your business, they can find out where you are located, what your story is, and any deals or promotions they can get. It’s even more important than your website in a way. This will often be the first impression people will get about your business. The Knowledge Panel acts as the CliffsNotes to your company and lets consumers know right away who you are and what you do.

Google My Business also has a feature called Posts that you can use to share information. This creates Organic SEO that will increase the amount of business you can get from people googling your company. These posts can include images, content, and a Call To Action that will instantly send interested searchers straight to your website. What you include on your Google My Business page can be the difference between a searcher and a customer.


What are Google Posts?

Posts were added to Google My Business in 2017. It is similar to Twitter where there is a 300-word limit. Only the first 100 words will show up on the Knowledge panel on Google. It’s important to remember this when using Posts for your business. This is a great opportunity to include SEO keywords that will help searchers find you. Advertising sales close to holidays can result in more traffic to your company when local consumers try to find where to go for special offers and promotions.

Google Posts won’t influence your rankings in their search engine. Using it rests solely on Organic SEO to help you appear more in searches. Take advantage of trends or holidays to attract more searches. Knowing what to write in your posts will help you market your own business without spending anything more than your time.

Now that these Posts don’t have an expiration date, you should take advantage of them. They are a free tool for marketing your business that is a worthy investment into your brand. Google My Business optimization allows for businesses to advertise their company in the first-place people will go to look for services or products. People use Google for every need or question they have and it’s the best place to attract their attention.

How will this benefit my business?

Not only do the keywords you use help draw them in, but Google will show searchers businesses in their area first. If you take advantage of popular search terms in your Posts, those searchers will see your business. Around certain holidays, people will search for sales or promotions. Veteran holidays will increase the searches for “free meals for Veterans”. Restaurants or food service shops can take advantage of this opportunity by creating a Google Post offering free or discounted meals for Veterans. People searching for this term in your area will be directed to your business in their Search Engine Results Pages because it’s the closest place to them and you used those SEO keywords in your post.

The phrases you use in your Posts are important. When you are creating your post, think of how someone might search for the topic you are writing about. Word choice matters and Google will show results closer to the searchers wording first. Another important thing is to create the post with the readers in mind. Don’t try to insert as many keywords as you can. This will actually have the opposite effect in the search and your page won’t show up where you hoped it would. Target your audience but pay attention to how you word things. The best SEO keywords are direct. Avoid unnecessary words. Try searching for keywords or using online resources to tell you the traffic related to the keyword.

Google My Business has allowed businesses to engage searchers before they even enter the business’ website. This is where you can show potential customers who you are and interact with them in a way that makes them connect with you. The more lifelike your business becomes; the more likely customers will flock to your business. If your company is your passion, showcase that in your Posts. Passion attracts people. They will see how committed to your business and your customers you are and want to be involved.

Steps to Take.

Now that older Posts are showing up on your Google My Business page, make sure to remove expired offers on your business’s page. This could cause confusion for potential customers and could affect the number of searchers who will become customers. If you use this feature to draw in new business, keep your page updated and post often. Use proper keywords to generate Organic SEO and use your Posts much like you would Social Media. There really isn’t much of a difference between Twitter and Google Posts. In the end you are doing the same thing – connecting with your audience.

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