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Need social media marketing for your business?

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Social Media MarketingThere are three types of services we provide:

1. Creation of a Social Media Marketing Plan, including coaching:

The marketing plan will give you a detailed, step-by-step action plan that includes four one-hour consulting and training sessions. This is perfect for a marketing Team already in place.

2. Fresh Marketing Ideas an Hour at a Time:

If you want a review of your existing social sites and some on-the-fly

recommendations, I can do that, too! Email me to reserve time for this service.

3. Social Media Managing Services:

Let our Team do all the social media marketing for you. 

• Facebook – Facebook can be an amazing space; if you have a clear idea of what brings people together, what people love to share and where you want them to go and how to get them there.

• Pinterest – Traffic Enhancer

The images that are developed for Facebook can be re-purposed on the website and then Pinned to Pinterest for increased traffic. Pinterest generated more referral traffic for businesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. (Source:

• Twitter – Traffic and Reach
Twitter is used mainly for its ability to move traffic to a site. 90% of the tweets are designed to engage interest and make the click to the site. After that, the site needs to manage the interest and move people to the sale.

•Google Plus – SEO

We would create this space and connect it up with all the SEO in the company page About section.

• Instagram NEW – Increase Engagement

Instagrammers are passionate about the platform and their love for amazing imagery. You’ll reach people who are open to new perspectives.

• Youtube – SEO
The main reason you want to be on YouTube is the SEO benefit. Several videos need to be developed to use all the targeted keywords you want to own for this program. These video do not need to be on-camera interviews. The videos can be presentations, ads, testimonials with static images etc.

We offer competitive pricing and work one on one with you or your employees to develop a winning strategy. To get started it takes less than 10 minutes to get started, we can custom tailor a package just for you and your business.